Sunday, January 31, 2010

{January RaNdOmNeSs}

I feel very guilty that I did not take many pictures this past month, so I will be sure to make up for it next week. I was down with a yucky cold for a week on top of 1st trimester pregnancy yuckiness, then C got a lil cold and now B has it. I think we were all worn out from the holiday maddness;)

Here are a few random shots of C hanging at the house (we have stayed close to home this month):

He loves playing in his exersaucer. He pulls on all the toys and plays the piano...

He is making friends with Gizzy and Gizzy gets so excited to play...Here is a picture of C after he had scooted of his mate in search of new and better toys, we will be chasing him around the house soon!
I forgot to take pictures, but I have started making C's food. So far I have made his pears and nectarines. They smell so much better and taste so good too! This next week we are going to start eating some veggies, so I plan to make sweet potatoes, butternut squash and sweet peas. So far C has had apples, bananas, prunes, pears and nectarines. I will post pics as we venture into new foods. It is so fun seeing his facial expressions at new foods.
February forcasts a major change in the Johnson household...B's work schedule is changing so he will be home in the mornings and working in the evenings. Thankfully he has the same days off, so my work schedule did not have to change as well, but needless to say it will be very different for all of us. I hope and pray that he will be back to mornings soon.
I will also be in my 2nd trimester in a little over a week. This pregnancy seems to be flying by, August 10th will be here in no time. We should find out the sex of the baby mid March, so until then we just wait and wait and wait and....
I am looking forward to C's 6th month, I have heard mom's talk about how exciting the 6th month hears to many pics to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

{that face}

that face is the reason I get up every morning.
that face motivates me to get out of bed when my body wants just 5 more minutes of sleep
that face makes me smile the second our eyes meet
that face lights up my heart daily
that face makes everyday worth it all
that face makes me thank God for you every moment I pause
that face is perfect

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

{5 months}

I know I say it as every month tics by, "WOW, I can't believe lil C is 5 months old!"

We don't go back to the doctor will the end of February so I don't have any stats, but obviously C keeps on growing. This is such an amazing experience watching him change every day.

C is getting much better eating food. Now that we have started giving him fruit with his cereal, he likes it much better. No, he's not talking yet, but he is 'communicating' to us through smiling, laughing, spitting, reaching, grabbing, shaking, scooting, pushing and pulling. He prefers to be helped to sit up or play in his exersaucer so he can see the world from a better vantage point than the floor. He is also much more aware of his surroundings, watching the dogs as they move around, noticing when you leave the room, reacting to various voices as people come and go. Thankfully, he continues to be such a "happy baby" and as B often says to him, "I hope you stay this happy." Of course I do too, but I have started warning C of high school already:)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

{Happy Birthday}

And baby makes 4!!!!
Yep, you read that right!
Brandon and I were VERY SURPRISED to find out that Baby Johnson#2 is on the way and YES! Due to arrive on August 10, 2010. No, your mind is not playing tricks on you, Cooper will not quite be 1 yet!!
As of today, I am 10 weeks along and doing well. As you can imagine I am very tired and have been having some of those not so great pregnancy symptoms, that make some days hanging with Cooper more challenging than others. I thank God everyday that Cooper has such a good temperment, making things all over easier.
So in honor of my birthday today, I announce the upcoming birthday of Baby Johnson #2!
(the pic posted above is the picture we framed and gave to our parents on Christmas to announce the pregancy)