Monday, April 27, 2009

{24 weeks}

My bump is officially a 'bump'!
Now I think I actually look pregnant to strangers rather that a fat chick, thank goodness:)
In the last month we have slowly started to gather furniture for the nursey/move old furniture out. We took the spare bed over to Aunt Rara's house so now she has a guest bedroom/study and we moved in the crib and changing table. This past weekend I started work on refinishing a chest for the room. I originally thought it would be a one weekend project, but after starting I quickly changed my goal to a two weekend project. I need some arm power from Brandon before I stain it. My next project is to fix the armoir I want to use in the nursey and then get the room painted. Brandon had races three of the last four weekends so not alot of progress on the scrap shack, BUT he has a three weekend break coming up so I am sure it will be close to being complete at that point.