Monday, July 27, 2009

{37 weeks}

With only a few weeks left I really wanted to make time to do some maternity pictures with Brandon. Since we don't have an extra $1000 sitting around right now I asked Aunt Rara to stand behind my camera and shoot and I must say I think we got some good ones. Here are a few to share...

Not much else going on around here, mainly just waiting with anticipation wondering when Cooper will join this big big world, but I must say I don't blame him for waiting a little longer.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

{36 weeks}

The baby bump as dropped!!! As you can tell Cooper is getting ready to make his entrance into this big world. I went to the doctor yesterday and he confirmed that he his getting into position. With that said I could go into labor and any time, but most likely not for a couple few more weeks. Brandon and I are as ready as we can be and with the physical changes our anticipation is growing. It is so amazing how Brandon as been so calm about all the changes yet my anxiety seems to go up and down. Once again, we balance each other out so perfectly.

This past weekend B and I both has our last get aways before hunkering down close to home waiting on Cooper. B raced his last TQRA race of the season. He had to finish the season early because the last race is in Oklahoma on Aug 8th, which we had decided long ago was too far away to be going so close to my due date, the 13th. I went out to Mindy's lake house for a scrap weekend with the girls. I will admit that I did not really scrap alot, I mainly hung out, ate and slept. I took a 3 hour nap!!! Thank you, Joe, for being on call for Mindy and I, but I must say, I am glad you didn't get to deliver Cooper:)
From here on out, B and I will be staying close to home getting as much rest as possible before D-Day.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

{35 weeks}

As of the nursey!!!! I have been very hesitant to post pics of the nursery because every time I walk in there something gets moved, to the point that if I am in there and I call Brandon he refuses to come in there becuase he knows I want him to move the furniture again:) But, here is how it is today. Thanks to my awesome shower a couple weeks ago I have finally been able to decorate a little and start organizing, which again will be a never ending task in here too.

Here is a little tour of the room thus far:

Here is the bed that Donnell has let us borrow, I love the color, it is perfect. I am still waiting on the bedding to get done by Grandma, hopefully Cooper will have it by the time he comes home, hint, hint, hint... The toy box, which you see is over flowing, I painted after we found it at Canton First Monday Trade Days and the rocking chair I inherited with this house years ago which might finally get used...

Here's the changing table, also on loan from Donnell and the chest I re-finished a few months ago. The chest and the toy box are the same color. My mom and I made the lamp cover which matches the bedding, which I am still hoping to get before he arrives, hint, hint, hint... I am really going to hate it when I have to start using the diaper cake...
Waalaa, my redo of our old TV armoir!! I love it!!! And even better, Brandon helped me with this project and we finished it in no time and amazingly the fabic is perfectly centered after he got real happy with the staple gun before I got back to the room to help! Once again, I found this fabric at Canton months ago when I had this project in mind. The wall hangings Mom and I made, I have them sitting on top of the armoir which match the bedding that I hope we get before Cooper gets here, hint, hint, hint. If anything this is for more storage and in the future I can put a hanging rod across the top if I need to hang clothes in there.
This is just another view, as you most know the other wall is just the closet, I think you can do without me posting it...
So there it is as it is today. Thanks again for all the gifts from the shower. I have washed everything and put it all up. We are as ready as we can be for Cooper's arrival!!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

{34 weeks}

I finally moved into the Scrap Shack!!! Last weekend Brandon and I finished painting the trim, which was NOT fun and we painted the work bench. That was the last major task before moving in all my stuff. So I spent time this week unpacking and trying to organize the room. I am sure everything will get moved around again once I actually get time to scrap. Here is a tour:

Here is all my shelving and my paper storage...
Here is the work bench one of Brandon's friends built in kid you not 45 minutes! I think there is ample space for four people to scrap when I get around to having my monthly scrap night that I have been talking about...Brandon still has to get the top for the work bench. We are not exactly sure what we are going to put on it, but for now it is workable as is (I just hope that it really will get finished one day)...
Here is a better look at all the storage I have under the bench. I went to IKEA to get more storage boxes, and of course I still could use more...oh and Ipo is saying HI:)
This is just another view of all my 'junk'. I finally can use both tiers of my clip it up which I have sitting on my original work table which is along the back wall...
There it is, but there is still more organizing I want to do. I need to touch up the wall paint and mop the floors. Eventually I will decorate the walls and when Farrah buys her new couches she is donating her famous chair and ottoman to the room. I just hope it fits. You can't tell in these pics, but there is an open space in the front of the room right where you walk in. I am sure this room will be an ever going project of mine, but that is fine, I love it!!! I will say, Brandon is very proud of showing off this room after all the work and stress of building it and I know he is so glad he is DONE. Thank you B for all your hard work building this for me and making room for Cooper, we love you!!!