Saturday, July 26, 2008

{weekend cusade phase II}

Due to my being hooked on this book (one very different from the type I usually read)...

I have not been very productive this weekend. This evening even though it was still 100 degrees we took the dogs to the park in hopes that Cain would swim in the lake.

And although there were lots of friends showing him how it is done

Brandon had to get in for extra encouragement

Cain was much more active in the lake this time, but still no swimming out to fetch, only walking on the rocks to fetch. Ipo even got his feet wet but since he is never still I couldn't get a good pic.

Such a good doggy dad!!! I love him XOXO...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I am guilty

I saw this on another scrapper's blog and thought I would share, it is SO TRUE...

You know you are a scrapbooker if you:
1. Use cardstock to select the paint colors in your home.

2. End up with bits of paper stuck to your shoe.

3. Own a red eye pen

4. Approach every event as a scrapbook layout

5. Photograph your child in a particular outfit because it coordinates with patterned paper.

6. Look at every item in your junk drawer as a possible embellishment

7. Can spot a new paper collection immediately.

8. Think that hybrid is something other than a type of plant.

9. Carry your camera in your purse at all times.

10. Dream of an organized well stocked scrap space.

I still plan to post pics of the layouts I did Sunday, but have not taken pics yet. So just to share a cute pic here is one of Gizzy I took playing with my camera. I think I could sell this for a greeting card!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Crafty Sunday

I got lots of crafty time this weekend since Brandon was gone to a race ALL weekend. Today Mindy, Brooke and I got started around 9am and I just turned off the lights (and Brandon just pulled in!!!). Since Mindy was here I gave her the princess album I had made with her daughter, Brooke, in mind. I had been waiting to post pictures of it till I gave it to her. Here they are.....

I will post pics of some of the layouts I made today later this week. Right now I am going to relax and try to come off my coffee and m&M rush.....good nite....

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"my crap"

I have heard many people call this "my crap", but to me these are my "tools." I thought I would share since I finally cleaned my room up and took some pics.

Here is Ipo hangs out while I scrap...

And here is the cover my mom made to cover my Cricut

Thanks for looking!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

***our weekend crusade***

Along with lots of redecorating, reorganizing, purging, cleaning, napping and grilling we made time to make use of our generous next door neighbors pool. Nothing special right? WRONG!!!! Cain, our water hating Lab jumped right in with us!!!! We were so surprised and proud!!

After the big surprise Saturday we went back today and yep, he kept jumping back in....we think he is trying to make up for the last four years:)
Brandon was so proud of him he thought it was reason to C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-E!!

I must also mention that Ipo was right there with him wanting in the pool, but he is much more the cruiser preferring to ride on the raft or just get dipped, sorry no pics, he was not in the mood to be photographed. For those of you who know him, you know way to well how moody he is. Needless to say the kids are pooped and snoring on the couch now!

(Thank you Brandon for a fun relaxing weekend at home.)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

{1st entry about my crafts}

I finally figured out how to download from my new camera so I finally get to show off some of my latest scraps! A couple of weekends ago we had a "Scrap-a-thon" at Mindy's lakehouse and my main project was a baby album for Maria. I had been planning on making this for her since she found out she was pregnant and luckily she had found out the sex and knew her name before I started. This is the first baby themed album I have done and I decided to lay it out as a month by month so it will be easy her to put any picture from that month on the page. I also did a boy album when I finished this one, but I didnt take pictures, I was on a roll with all my baby stuff out! So many of our friends are pregnant that I could scrap only babies for the next few months and I still wouldn't have enough gifts, enjoy!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

1st entry about my Crap

So I finally created my own blog, I tought it was weird to have a blog if you were not showing off your children, but I stand corrected according to many of my friends, so here it is. I was mainly motivated to create this site to show off my scrappin work and my new found hobby of photography. My darling husband (dh) bought me a Nikon D80 as a 'congrats' for completing my licensure. I have been wanting to start 'playing around' with photography for a while, but my old camera gave me too many excuses. Now, I have no more excuses, just a bit nervous and intimidated. I will start by showcasing my family. This pic is of Brandon and I at our 3 year anniversary dinner at good ol Kirby's Steakhouse.

This is Ipo, he is eight years old now, all he likes to do is lay around and bark obnoxiously.
And, last but not least, Cain. He and I are an Animal Assisted Therapy Team so when he is not at work with me all be does is sleep and eat.
This concludes an intro into the family, my next goal will be to post some of my lastest scrap work.