Tuesday, May 26, 2009

{28 weeks}

edited with pictures:

***WARNING: 1st post with no pictures***
Why? Because I am too tired (or lazy) to go grab the camera and show you what I am talking about. However, I wanted to report on all our progress after the long Memorial Day Weekend.
1) The Scrap Shack officially has four solid walls, insulation and drywall!!! I am ready to paint it as soon as it is tape and bedded (however you spell that).
Look! four walls!!

Brandon tape and bedding

B saying "I wish this was done"

Cain helping...
2) The Nursery (yes, it feels weird saying that in relation to our house) is painted!!!

sneak peak at the blue and brown

I will show the finished walls with the finished room...

3) The blue couches are no longer:) For those that have heard me complain about them for the last few years, B and I have finally come to an agreement on new furniture. I guess you could say we 'compromised.' To be 100% honest the small couch is still in the house. We were to go pick up our new chair tonight which will officially kick the small couch out, but due to the rain moving in we have decided to wait till tomorrow. Poor Cain, I think he knows something is up with his couch, he is going to be so mad once it is gone. He will actually have to sleep on the floor!!! Yeah! As of now, no more blue couches, I am SO excited:)

Thus why we are so tired tonight. I am due for a 28 week picture, but due to the fact that I am already in my PJ's that too will wait till tomorrow. I hope to update with pictures ASAP!

And finally a baby bump picture:

I am definitely feeling the bump now; as I try to do everyday things my bump will get in the way or make it difficult. I will say that so far, knock on wood, this pregnancy has been very easy physically so hopefully the next 2 1/2 months will go just as smoothe. Emotionally the anticipation is starting to set in due to the fact that we think August will be here tomorrow. So far fime has just flown by!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

{26 weeks}

As the clock is quickly ticking closer and closer to August 15th, B and I have been getting to work on our projects. Here are some pics of B and Cody working on the scrap shack, the first two were taken about a month ago when they were putting up the frame and starting on the walls.

Last weekend B had to fix the water problem by breaking up the cement and digging a new trench for water to drain around the shack rather than into it, ohhhh and since it has been raining buckets around here the new trench was tested just after he got it dug. Yesterday we got most of the needed materials to finish the scrap shack so B and Cody got to work finishing the walls, mounting the door and preparing the walls for Mark to come this week and start running electricity.
Hopefully, and with fingers crossed, at this rate B will have the shack done by the end of the month. And to my luck he doesn't have another race till the last weekend of the month, so the possibility of lots of progress is HIGH!!!

As for my project, I have spent the last two weekends re-finishing a dresser that has been in our family forever to use in the nursery. Here is a pic before I started:
And waaalaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My plan is to have a painting party Memorial Day weekend to transform the green walls into blue and brown. The blue I used on the dresser is an accent blue I am also using on a toy chest my mom bought Cooper as well as a little stepping stool.

About a month ago we moved out the old bed and brought in the crib and changing table Donnell is letting us borrow. So as soon as my scrapping furniture is out in the scrap shack I will finally be able to get the nursery organized and decorated!!!!

Since today is technically my first Mother's Day I treated myself to a pedicure, fresh cut sunflowers for the house and this bassinet/pack n play for Cooper. This will be what we use in our room till he graduates to his crib.
Happy Mother's Day to all my friends and family!!!