Saturday, June 23, 2012

{our "new House"}

 We finally did it.
I remember right after we brought D home from the hospital standing in the hall while B was bathing C in the bathroom and saying to him, "we have to be in a bigger house by the time D is 2."  We were not in a rush to move, we loved our old house. It might have been less than 1000 square feet, did not have a dishwasher, only two bed rooms, but it was our home. It was the house I remodeled with the help of my family so I could live there while I went to Graduate School. It was the house I lived in when I met Brandon. It was the house we choose to live it after we got married. It was the house we entertained our friends at often. It was the house we brought C home to after he was born. It was the house we brought D home to after he was born. It was the house we built our family in.
But, it was time. Time for B and I to finally do it, for ourselves and our family. We were not in a rush to find anything, but when we frist looked at this house we both knew it was the one we wanted for the next chapter in our family. God blessed us with the ability to buy this house as he has blessed our lives in countless ways. I am excited about all the moments to come in the house.
Moving day went well. As soon as our stuff arrived Aunti Rara and I got to work on the playroom, so the boys would see all their toys when they got here.  This is the only picture of the house as I am writing this, but I am sure there are plenty more to come.
I wrote this entry about a month after we actually moved and after I wrote the entry I realized I forgot an important part. So here I am back to add it:
After we moved the boys seemed to LOVE the new house. They did not want to get in the car to go anywhere and then as soon as we would get them in the car they would constantly ask to "go back, new house. go back, new house."  This told us they liked it, they did not want to leave. This also told us we made the right decision! We are so glad to have bought this house for the boys to grow up in.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

{a little R & R...kinda}

With all the stress of buying a new house on us we decided to take a break and head to the neighborhood pool.  The boys has so much fun. C is really trying to swim like a big boy so he and Daddy practiced in the big pool while D and I hung out in the kiddie pool.
Crazy thing is, about an hour in to our fun a storm came and hailed on East Dallas worse than I have ever seen living there my while life. We took a rain check and went home!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

{Dillon's 1st haircut}

 I honestly did NOT want to do it, but we could tell Baby D was getting so hot with his hair long now that summer is here, so we did it.  We trimmed his curls, giving him his first hait cut.  Baby D did great, he smiled all the way through it!!