Friday, August 28, 2009

{Day 10 - Back to the Doctor's}

We went back to weigh in and yeah, Cooper is up to 9.25lbs!!! That puts him in the 90th percentile for his weight and 95th percentile for length at 22.25 inches...he's gonna be a bg boy!!!

The Cowboy's played their first pre-season game tonight so Cooper and Dad got comfy on the couch. Cooper must not understand the game, he slept through most of it...

Monday, August 24, 2009

{Day 6 - 1st Doctor's appointment}

Today we went on our first adventure outside the house to the doctor's office. Daddy started his new job today so Grandmama drove us since I am not supposed to drive yet. Our new pediatrician is Dr. Lin and he was very informative as to what to expect as normal vs abnormal. For example, all Cooper's sneezing is normal adjustment to the outside world, so NO he does not have a cold nor is he allergic to the dogs, and NO he does not need socks on! Cooper's weight was down to 9lbs from his birth weight of 9 lbs 14 oz and discharge weight of 9 lbs 7 oz, so we are going back to get weighed Friday to make sure he is gaining.

Since we were all dressed for the first time we snapped a quick family photo...Our new family of 3!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

{Day 5 - busy day!}

Today was a very busy day...
First, I had more family member to meet. Leslie, Nichole and London came by to meet me and boy did they think I was cute!...
Then Daddy played cards with me. I love looking at the black and white animals on the cards and have already started learning about the animals from the stories Daddy tell me while we play. I don't really understand what is so funny, everytime Daddy plays cards with me Mommy laughs so hard she cries, I guess I will figure that out one day...
Then I had my first bath and OMG I hated it!!!! I screamed and cried through the whole thing. Look how red I turned...
Wow, baby, what a day.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

{Day 4 - settling in at home}

Today we just hung out at home. Brandon has not been shy or reserved when it comes to helping and being a hands on Daddy. He keeps saying he doesn't feel like he has done anything, but his help and suport has been amazing. I love this picture of new Daddy and new baby!!!

Cain and Ipo came home today too,...not too sure of what is going on. As of now they just keep sniffing and trying to lick Cooper. I am still crossing my fingers that everything will be fine with them.

Friday, August 21, 2009

{Day 3 - 1st photo shoot and going home}

Before going home on Friday the hospital photographer came by to take pictures, so of course I pulled out my camera right behind her. I think Cooper did a great job posing, he is just too cute!!!

Future linebacker pose
Home Sweet Home!!!
And now the real fun begins:)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

{Day 2 - Getting to know the family}

Thursday morning family started arriving to meet the new edition. Brandon and I had requested that the birth day be a private time for us and after much angst from family, they all complied with our request.

Grandpa Grey was the first to show up before he went to work, but was not ready to hold Cooper:) He told us all about the big Paul McCartney concert he and Grandma went to the night before, yes they were jammin out while I was pushing! Grandma Grey showed up a little later, she needed to sleep in after such a fun night. She brought Cooper a tee-shirt from the concert to mark his birth day.
Grandma Grey

Great Grandaddy and Oma...

Nana Johnson and Great Grandma Johnson came up from Corsicana... Sorry, no pics of the friends that came by, my photographer was distracted.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

{Day 1 - Welcome Cooper}

Introducing Cooper Owen Johnson
9lbs 14 oz
22 inches
Arrived 6:44 pm
August 19th 2009

Cooper arrived at 6:44 pm after I was induced. Brandon and I arrived at the hospital at 8am to get things started and let me tell you, by 9am I am feeling the contractions, WOW!!! After coping with the contractions for about two hours Dr. Ehmer decided to get a little more aggressive (he broke my water, OUCH!!!) and boy did that intensify things. I think that doubled the intensity of the contractions immediately, but he wanted me to work through the contractions for about 15 more minutes before getting the epidural to try and let them naturally get stronger. Thankfully, our GREAT nurses Sherri and Terri called the epidural man as soon as Ehmer left the room. After so many stories I had heard about 'if you can just get through the epidural,' I must say I barely noticed the epidural procedure due to the killer contractions I was trying to distract myself from at the time. A very odd experience to say the least but in a matter of seconds I was feeling no pain. However, I was not a fan of the 'cannot feel anything' theory. Soon after I had received the epidural I got the horrible shakes. I was laying there thinking, "this is the feeling drug addicts seek" "this is horrible." So I requested they lessen the epidural strength so I could at least tell me toes to move and feel someone touch me. After that I was good, just chillin, watching NCIS reruns while Brandon played his playstation for a few hours. All this time they had started the pitocin and were gradually increasing it every 15-30 minutes. When Dr. Ehmer came over a little after 5 to check in, he said it was time!!! You could see the sweat beads immediately start forming on Brandon's forehead, he was more nervous than I was at this point. It seemed like the longest time before we actually started the pushing process because our nurses had to finish up with their other patient. I think Brandon was pacing wondering why they had said it was 'time' then all disappear while I just laid their finishing my episode of NCIS. Then the masses entered the room because it really was time, 6pm on the dot to be exact, we started pushing. Not bad at all that he was here at 6:44pm, not bad at all.

I must say that our nurses and everyone in the delivery were awesome. They all knew from obvious years of experience just what to do to make me comfortable and support a nervous new Dad at the same time. I could not have asked for a better delivery experience.

Monday, August 17, 2009

{40 weeks + 4 days}

As of today we are scheduled to show up at the hospital Wednesday @ 8 to be induced. After hearing that the only appointment we could get was on the 24th I made another call to my doc last Friday explaining the major conflicts of that day. I finally had to say that we are willing to do whatever needs to be done to have Cooper before the 24th becuase I need Brandon there with me even if it involves having one of the other doctors deliver me. (for those who dont know about the conflict feel free to ask I am just not allowed to post on here yet the reason) So we went in to see Dr. Ehmer first thing this morning and we were thinking we might be admitted today, but Cooper is still not cooperating, he is still to high so it could pose difficulties with the induction. We pray and ask that you pray as well that by Wednesday morning at 8am he has either come on his own or at least moved into position enough to be induced. As Dr. Ehmer explained, by Wednesday we start playing a game with time since I will be 41 weeks on Thursday. We start weighing the pros and cons of time and induction. So for now we wait patiently and anxiously at the same time knowing that everything will work out in its right time, we are not in control, He is.....

Here are some pics from today, I have started making Brandon look so slim!!!

On a side note, for those who have been asking about coming to the hospital, please know that Wednesday there is no telling what time things will be happening. We will alert the masses when Cooper gets here. At this point Thursday and Friday will be better to try and visit, assuming he is here, oh Lord please let him be here.
Thanks for all your calls, texts and emails. We were just talking earlier about how blessed we are to have such caring and involved family and friends.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

{40 weeks}

Today is our official due date and little Cooper is too happy in my belly to let us see him yet. I keep joking with Brandon that I am going to go into labor tonight during the first Cowboy game to give him a real taste of Fatherhood.

We went to the doctor yesterday who said it was time to set a date to induce. He didn't even measure my belly since I think at this point I am overcooked just by the looks of me...So the plan was to schedule the inducement for next Wednesday, but when the nurse finally called me back today she could not schedule the inducement untill a week from Monday, the 24th!!!! So at this point I have to have faith that as with all the other things in our life that have been working out, God is in control of this and Cooper will be here exactly when he is supposed to.

Now if I may vent for a moment.....

If one more person says "if you just ________________ he'll come" or "I heard if you ____________ you will go into labor"...
If one more person says "you should have him on _______________, because that is the day that_______________" or "don't have him on ______________because I _____________ that day"...
If one more person says "ohhh, your here" when I walk in the help me...
There is a very high probability that their head will be flying across the room as a result of my patience being gone with everyone elses' opinions and recommendations.
I went into this pregnancy with the idea that it will progress and end naturally. Although I may be huge and somewhat uncomfortable obviously it is just not time for Cooper to join us yet and when he is ready we are ready, not a moment sooner, so seriously, I am done with all the so called advice and scheduling. I am perfectly good with Cooper coming when he comes regardless of other people's plans, unplans, theories and advice.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

{39 weeks}

"all cooked" is what Dr. Ehmer reported at my last doctors appointment...I am measuring 40cm, so according to him I am ready whenever, good, glad to know we are in agreement. He also said I have a 50/50 chance of making it to my next appointment this coming Wednesday. My gut says I will see him Wednesday. I think Cooper is very happy head butting my pelvis all day and kicking my in the chest all night. So for now, Brandon and I sit and wait, sometimes anxiously, sometimes calmly, as to when he will going us. Brandon forfitted his last TQRA race of the season this weekend to stay at home with me and I have spent the day scrapping in my awesome scrap shack. I am so thankful Brandon built it for me, I cant imagine not having a place to scrap.

I can't post this without mentioning that Mindy and Joe welcomed their daughter Lyla Joe into the world Thursday. Brandon and I ventured to Baylor Frisco to meet her. As we were driving home Brandon asked if that was a reality check for me...hahahahahaha...I was waiting for him to get hit by the constantly speeding closer train of REALITY!!!! Yep, Brandon, the next time we are in a delivery room, it will be me on that bed and your son in your arms!!! HOLY $#@&

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

{38 weeks}

Ready and Waiting....if you had tried to convince me a few months ago that everything would be done by the time Cooper got here I would have argued differently. However, thanks to everyones help and encouragement, we are litterally just sitting here waiting for Cooper. The nursery is ready, everything, oh except for the bedding, is washed and waiting to be put to use. The house is as clean and ready as it is going to be and the scrap room is fairly organized and ready for me to escape out there when I get time. I go see the doc in the morning, but I am honeslty not expecting to hear any exciting news. At this point, Cooper will be here when he wants, be it tomorrow or two weeks from tomorrow. As with all things good, God is in control.

Ipo and Cain have no idea what is about to happen in this house, they are just chillin like life is great, no worries...

tick, tock, tick, tock....