Monday, March 30, 2009

{20 weeks}

Things are shaping up, literally and physically. Here is a pick of the baby bump!

I dont have any pics of the also slowly coming to form scrap shack, but Brandon did work on it some this past weekend again. (I will take some pictures as soon as enough is done to be able to tell in a picture) I am getting very anxious to work on the nursery, so I am truely working on patience. I have warned Brandon numerous times that at some point the 'hormones' might cause me to explode if there is not enough progress on the rooms. Hopefully, it wont get to that point;)

Monday, March 23, 2009

{19 weeks}

Last Wednesday we had our second ultrasound and found out there is a baby BOY in the oven!!! I will admit it brought tears to our eyes. Brandon's were tears of relief and I am not sure exactly why I was wiping away tears, just tears of joy I guess. I am going to spare you the 'it's a boy' picture mainly because I really can't tell on the ultrasound what I am looking at, but here is his profile..
and just for comparison, here is the first ultrasound from December 24, 2008, he is growing fast!
Now I can start shopping, waahoo!!!! This past Saturday Mom, Farrah and I went and got material for the bedding and some of the room decorations. The scrapbook room has been at a standstill for the past three weeks just waiting on the welding to get finished and then Brandon can do the rest (except for the electricity) AND THEN I can work on the baby's room. I will post pics of the scrap room as soon as there is enough worth taking a picture of...