Wednesday, April 25, 2012

{wordless wednesday}

{off to fly a kite}

It was super windy today we so dug the Buzz Light Year kite out of the closet and went to Flag Pole Hill to fly our kite.  The boys were super excited the drive there and to watch Daddy put the kite together.  C caught on fast and wanted to help, but honeslty D got bored about 3 minutes into it. So like many other things, this adventure lasted less than 5 minutes so we headed to the park to play

Sunday, April 22, 2012

{best friends}

 I found the boys playing quietly together tonite so I grabbed the camera before I went to their room only to find them playing with their train, their favorite toy.
D spent the weekend with Mimi becuase C was supposed to be the ring bearer in daddy's friends wedding.  I say supposed to because he ended up staying home with Rara because he has not been doing well with his breathing lately.When Mimi brought D home today C walked up to him and they hugged then just took off running and playing.  Nope, D did not find it necessary to say hi to me or daddy.  Now we know where we are on the priority list, haha.  Their teachers at MDO have told me stories about when they see eachother on the play ground they hug, hold hands and talk to one another.  Now I believe them.
Here's my best friend, the one I like to hug, hold hands with and talk to.
He was hansome all dressed up!

{spring photos}

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

 I caught C & D chatting on the front rocking chair while they enjoyed their lolli-pops this afternoon, they can be so sweet to one another.  C has figured out that if he chooses to sit on the chair while I take things in the house when we get home from MDO we get to have snack outside, hence stay outside to play. These two boys are pure outside boys so this time of year is awesome for us.
 D did not give C a lick!
 I had two helpers potting plants this year
 D ate the mud while C helped scoop dirt
(such a face)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

{lovie & monkey}

Dillon with Monkey

Cooper and Lovie

The boys have had their lovies since the day they were born. Lovie and Monkey live in their cribs so they are always ready for naps and bed time. They also go with the boys to MDO so they are not missed at nap time. I did not realize how important their lovies were to them until they started going to MDO and showed so much concern about where their lovies were.
Coopie has not been feeling 100% lately so he tends to want his Lovie more often which made me remember how I needed to catpure them with their Lovie and Monkey.
Dillon gives monkey big hugs and Lovie has a special fold in his belly from the way C holds him.
I have a feeling Lovie and Monkey are going to be around for a long time....

Sunday, April 1, 2012

{mimi lovin}

Mimi swings by on Sunday's alot to hang out with the boys, today it was puzzles and books. This mama welcomes the help and the boys scream with excitement when they see her truck. 
We love you Mimi XOXO